Ty Stelmach | Designer & Developer

Get It Done!

"Get it Done!" was a small project I worked on while teaching myself Angular.JS. It's a small, but fast To-Do list that offers the creation of new tasks, deleting of tasks, reordering/click to drag, and a clear all completed tasks button.

"Get it Done!" features a high contrast material design color scheme that uses a bright blue to play off it's darker elements. Very simple flat design elements really pull the user interface together.

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DonorPro Website 2015

I started working for DonorPro as an intern in April 2014, at the time the company was managing and maintaining their site with the Drupal 7 CMS. Although Drupal is a fantastic CMS, it was time for a change, in order to allow rapid development and generation of content. We switched to HubSpot and I was tasked with rebuilding the website.

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518 Athlete

518Athlete is a training facility that specializes in training young athletes. Located in Saratoga Springs, 518Athlete has been a long standing business in New York.

518Athlete, at the time, did not currently have a site and came to me for a brand refresh, that included logos and a website. Using a high contrast with a bright orange against black, grays, and whites, really gives this piece that edgy, 'extreme' feeling you need to convey the energy of this facility.

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Spotify Layout and UI

This was a personal project where I set out to recreate the Spotify theme.

I used this project as a refresher and timed my self to see how far I could get within 2 hours. I was able to create a very similar replica to Spotify's using only HTML, CSS and JS.

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Plain and simple, I love to draw and create new and interesting things. This is a collection of all of my digital illustrations I have been doing.

My favorite style to draw is a cross between neo-traditional and american-traditional flash art, using black and whites to create eye catching high contrast designs. Would love to see some of these eventually make it onto t-shirts.

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I Design Rad Things V1.0

Upon graduating from school I had to build my first (responsive) website, this was back when I had about 5 solid months of classes in HTML and CSS. I wanted to build something unique, I wanted something that was attractive to me, I got to it. Started writing snippets and building code that I found in tutorials and othe online resources. This was the result, this one pager had a great run, being nominated multiple times, being featured on a few different sites, and even winning site of the day!

The site was built with HTML and CSS, but includes elements of Javascript/jQuery, PHP/Form submit, and even some HTML5 Canvas animations.

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