DonorPro Website 2015

The goal was to modernize the site, while keeping true to the software's company look and feel. Our 2 man marketing team got to work. Pulling all of our ideas together to eventually build what we thought was an excellent representation of the look that we wanted to be known for. The site was built and launched within a month using the HubSpot COS

The site was later touched up to be more SEO friendly, some stats between the original site show the progress and performance increases I made. In July 2014, the site recieved a little under 4k views/month. After the redesign in Jan 2015, the site rocketed up the search rankings and now comes in at a little over 11k views per month. Site views aren't everything though, using my knowledge of Google WebMaster tools, I managed to go from a measley 15 "top 10" ranking keywords into a whopping 63 "top 10" keywords.

Overall, this was a great project to be on, I learned a ton and refined my talent as a front-end web developer. I had my hand in many different aspects and wore quite a few hats. It is by far my most in-depth project with DonorPro.

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